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Looking for a local solar installation team in Texas with great service, prompt installation, and the best pricing? Look no further than Alternative Solar. Our solar installation team focuses on Houston, San Antonio, Central Texas and south Texas installations, and is dedicated to providing you the best possible experience in harnessing the power of alternative energy for your home or business.

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Residential solar panel installation

Harness the infinite power of the sun for your home. Get solar panels installed in as few as two weeks. Our consultants will walk you through the process, working with your HOA, electrical provider, and  helping you get the most out of your new solar panels with little risk and all reward. All while having our company continue to monitor and fix any issues that may arrive.
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Ground and roof mounts

Once you have your solar panels picked out, it’s time to decide which mounting system is best for your living space, budget, and energy needs. There are two types of solar mounting options: roof mount and ground mount racking systems. Roof mount systems affix to brackets on your roof, while ground mount systems are built into a foundation at ground level. At Alternative Solar, we offer both mount options for your solar panels. Which is better for your installation site? We'll help you decide with a comprehensive audit of your property.
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Solar panel Maintenance

Once you have your solar panels and system up and running it does require some basic maintenance. Cleaning your solar panels is not a full time job, rinsing them off every once in a while is recommended if you don't get a lot of rain. Otherwise Snow can be a factor. If you live in a snowy area it may be wise to get a solar panel roof rake to get excess snow off your panels as needed.

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Whether you are ready for a lower electric bill or not, roof replacement and maintenance is always key! Keeping your roof in excellent shape is essential to the attractiveness, safety, value, and longevity of your home. Whether you need complete roof replacement services, residential roof repair services, or a residential roofing contractor for any other type of roofing need, our team will exceed your expectations. We use only the best materials by the best brand names in the industry, and our dedicated in-house crew that have years of experience in the industry.
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