All Panels Come with a 25-year Warranty

All Panels Come with a 25-year Warranty

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Join Thousands of other Texan Homeowners That Have Worked With Alternative Solar!

Our Services

We provide first-class residential and commercial solar solutions & services in Texas and Florida

Residential Installs

Join thousands of other homeowners in the Texas area with the highest quality panels available. Our team of experienced electricians is committed to providing every homeowner a world-class experience.

Panel Maintenance

Panel maintenance is incredibly important to keeping high-performing panels year-round. Our maintenance team is trained to clean and maintain all panels that we install.

Commercial Installs

Harness the infinite power of the sun and quietly convert sunlight into electricity to power your building for years to come. Get high-quality panels integrated and installed in as little as two weeks.

Detach and Reattach

Needing to get your roof worked on but already have panels standing in the way? Allow our team of experienced electricians to detach the panels and allow a roofing company to get their job done, then we’ll come back and reattach. 

What People Say

“Their staff is dedicated and helpful. They’re very patient and explain things in a way that anyone can understand. They respond in a timely manner, and with exceptional professionalism.”

Julie Bruce

“The installation was quick and my panels were up and running in no time. Eric and his staff were very transparent throughout the entire process and professional as well.”

Alex Garcia

“My wife and I are so very pleased with the service we received from day one and we would whole-heartedly recommend them if you are looking for solar panels for your home.”

Chad Widmer

How We Work

Step 1


Simply schedule a quick 30-minute consultation and allow us to walk you through everything you’ll need to know before going solar.

Step 2


Allow our team of experienced electricians to attach and install your panels in as little as a couple weeks.

Step 3


Once your panels are installed, our team will walk you through exactly how to use, track, and optimize your energy usage.

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