$500 Covid utility relief fund for all new customers. Until the end of 2020.

Posted July 21, 2020

Our team wanted to reach out during this time of stress due to Covid-19, social unrest, and with the high possibility of quick change. We take it as a personal challenge to continue working to fulfill our companies main goals. That means giving the best possible experience to our customers, and helping to harness the power of alternative energy for yourselves

We have decided to offer a $500 utility relief fund to anyone that purchases an alternative-solar system. This is not a tax rebate or a gimmick; its a promise that we will put $500 into your account for your provider. This is still on top of the 26% tax credit still available for solar.

Example: Alternative Solar will send a $500 one-time deposit into your utility provider account. This deposit will credit your account right off the bat. This relief fund is aiming to cover your utility bill until your solar system is activated.

Have our solar installers help you achieve your own energy independence. Give us a call and join the family.


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