All Panels Come with a 25-year Warranty

All Panels Come with a 25-year Warranty

Guadalupe Valley Electric Coop Solar Rebate

Have you heard of GVEC’s Rebate for new homes, starting at $3,200?

Residents of Seguin, Cuero, Gonzalez, Shertz, Shiner, and Goliad may not realize that they have a solar energy rebate available to them. The Guadalupe Valley Electric Coop (GVEC) has a solar rebate program that promotes their customers to purchase solar panel systems.

GVEC solar rebate overview

Amount: $1.00/Watt with a cap of $4,000. Rebate amounts less than $1,500 will be credited to the customer’s GVEC account. Rebate amounts over $1,501 will receive a check in the mail.

Example: If a customer purchased a 4KW Solar PV System for $12,000. They would receive a rebate of $4,000, essentially paying $8,000 for the system. On top of the rebate, the customer will also receive tax credit of $2,400. More information on the Solar Tax Credit can be found here.

GVEC Solar Rebate Eligibility

  • Must be GVEC customer in good standing.
  • Customer must use an electrical contractor with NABCEP certification and an active Texas Electrical Contractors License. 
  • Customer must use a GVEC approved contractor.
  • Contractor must use qualifying products.
    • Solar panels must be listed by the California Energy Commission and carry a standard 25 year performance warranty. 
    • Solar inverter must be listed by the California Energy Commission and carry a standard 5 year warranty. 
  • Must meet all requirements of Renewable Energy Application and Interconnection Agreement. The agreement can be found here.
  • Systems larger than 20KW do not qualify for the rebate.


  • Alternative Solar assists customer with Renewable Energy Application and Interconnection Agreement.
  • GVEC approves application and gives customer permission to interconnect solar.
  • Alternative Solar pulls required permit and submits required documentation to GVEC.
  • Alternative Solar completes installation of solar PV system and schedules inspection.
  • After inspection, customer submits solar rebate application, copy of paid invoice, and warranty information to customer and GVEC.
  • GVEC approves application and sends solar rebate check to customer.


The GVEC Utility covers portions or all of the following counties: Guadalupe County, Gonzalez County, Dewitt County, Lavaca County, and Wilson County. Other utilities surround the GVEC area so special attention should be made if the customer is not sure about who is their electric provider.


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More information on rebates from GVEC:
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