All Panels Come with a 25-year Warranty

All Panels Come with a 25-year Warranty

Its been three years that we have now been installing Solar in Texas, and in doing so it has allowed us to continue to explore different technologies for utilizing the power of the sun. This month we are proud to announce that Enphase will be our newest partner and product line that Alternative-Solar with be offering. There are many differences between Solaredge and Enphase, the biggest being switching from one Inverter to run all the panels to many a micro inverter per panel.

We wanted to share some information on Enphase and the products they have created.

Enphase Ensemble

Designed entirely by Enphase, Ensemble™ energy management technology is the world’s first all-in-one smart energy system. Ensemble technology allows you to easily generate and store clean power from your solar installation, which can all be controlled with a single mobile app.

What does Ensemble technology do?

Ensemble technology is a tightly integrated system built around:

Together, these components ensure that your home enjoys continuous, uninterrupted power – day and night – when you are connected to the grid or even when the grid is down.

How does Ensemble technology work?

The Ensemble system begins with Enphase Energy AC Modules or IQ Series Microinverters coupled with panels, which turn sunshine into clean electricity. The choice of what to do with the energy generated by your PV system is entirely in your hands. The Enphase Enlighten mobile app can be used to:

  • Power your home using the solar energy right away
  • Divert it to solar battery storage for later use
  • Feed it into the grid (if your state offers net energy metering)

Seamless integration of Ensemble technology components allows homeowners unprecedented control over how and when they can use the clean power generated by their PV systems. To help you automatically maximize your savings, the Enlighten mobile app comes with preconfigured profiles, like:

  • Self-Consumption Mode, which allows you to top-up your solar battery storage during the day and discharge it at night
  • Savings Mode, which lets you charge your batteries during non-peak hours and discharge them during the most expensive times of the day
  • Full Backup Mode, which is designed for long-term solar battery storage. Your batteries will only discharge during outages and other grid failures

The Enlighten mobile app also comes with a special Storm Guard feature that monitors weather conditions in your area. If a storm or major disaster is on the horizon, Storm Guard will automatically put your solar batteries in Full Backup Mode to protect you from weather-related outages. All the above comes with real-time reporting and home energy monitoring so that you can closely track your solar installation’s performance – no matter where you are.

Best of all, the Enlighten mobile app continues to receive new features with every subsequent update, helping you save even more money over time.

Ensemble technology solves the most common problem with solar – generating power even with the grid is disconnected or there is a power outage – by weaving redundancies, backups, and monitoring into a single unified ecosystem. And in a world where, ever-increasing floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters continue to disrupt grid electricity delivery – this type of protection is priceless.

To learn more about how Ensemble technology gives you control to your energy and your own energy security, schedule a free consultation with our solar power experts today.

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